About Us

Our administrative and clinical team is second to none. We reiterate the pledge to help all and give hope.

We are the right choice for your health care needs.

About Us

RFH Healthcare is a collection of diverse healthcare solutions thoughtfully pieced together and simply delivered. Wellness of the family unit is the axis on which our dedicated team of compassionate professionals spin to ensure quality and safe solutions that cover everyone.

Understanding that each patient is different, it is our job to develop solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. This informs our value proposition, distribution channels and customer relationships which all focus on one large group of customers with diverse needs and problems.
With premium outpatient services at RFH Medical Centres (Embakasi and Kahawa West) to quality low-cost solutions through our Ruai Family Hospital arm (in Ruai and Tala) that targets lower and middle-income earners and specialised services through RFH Specialist Hospital, we are a one fit all.
To offer excellent and affordable healthcare and community-based social services to individuals and families.

To become the premier provider of advanced quality healthcare.

Core Values


Corporate Culture

We have a strong culture that allows every employee to feel part of the bigger team by giving space and freedom to perform to their best ability. Being a hospital, everyone’s key responsibility is geared towards preservation of life. 

This we do with strong emphasis on professionalism and excellent customer service. We encourage openness at all levels and operate an open-door policy from employees to top management.

We exhibit teamwork at unit levels, which ultimately builds up to the overall organization We pride ourselves on patient and employee safety, support life long learning for professional and support staff, and continue to explore innovative ways to deliver compassionate and prompt care, to those we serve. All these are guided by our vision and well thought out mission statement with our core values at heart

Our Success Pillars

We aim to provide efficient and effective services that are affordable and desirable to patients.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts; We partner with our clients, staffand RFH Healthcare system members working together to further research, education education, innovation, broaden clinical programs, and share expertise amonginstitutions, thereby building and enriching the whole.

Quality & Safety

RFH Healthcare’s Vision is to be an international leader in providing each patient with the safest, most compassionate, and highest quality of care.

People & Development

The strength of RFH Healthcare lies within its people. We focus on maintaining a workplace where all employees feel engaged and empowered.

Patient Centered

Professional quality of services offered. Educate patients on the importance of preventative care and yearly medical check-ups

Branch Network

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