Accident & Emergency

Accident & Emergency

Our Accident & Emergency department that handles  all the  emergency  cases  which comes to the hospital and provides emergency medical services in Kenya. The emergency department is staffed by highly specialized emergency nurses and doctors whose role is to assess the patient, perform the required emergency investigations and provide the patient with the necessary immediate life-saving treatment before they get admitted for more definitive care.

Trauma Centre

We have 24-hour in-house coverage by specially trained trauma surgeons and prompt availability of sub-specialists needed to  adequately  respond to and provide the highest level of surgical care to trauma patients in the emergency department, operating rooms and intensive care units.

Ambulance & Emergency Response Unit

Our facility provides emergency road ambulance services. The vehicle is fully equipped with a full patient life support during transportation from the site to the main hospital. This means no time is lost as treatment goes on while the patient is on transit.

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