Dr Joan Kinyanjui, a well-rounded pharmacist who has worked in the public sector for about 7 years after having graduated from University of Nairobi. In the public sector, I was privileged to head and coordinate the HIV/AIDS and TB programs at the facility level in partnership with the key stakeholders.

I currently work as the Director of Health Systems in RFH health care group with the key role of strengthening health care systems at the organizational level.

This has been guided by emphasizing on the six World Health Organization building blocks of health systems: Health service delivery; Health workforce/human resource; Health information systems; access to essential medicines; Health system financing and; leadership and governance.

I am a master’s graduate in Health Care Management from Strathmore Business School. The experience broadened my skills and knowledge on leadership and management, health systems management, quality  management in a healthcare organization, decision making analysis, organizational behavior, conflict management, financial management, corporate communication, policy development, bioethics, health economics, business strategy, marketing, costing and budgeting and business model development among others.

The experience while at Strathmore also gave a networking platform with leaders and managers from leading healthcare organizations both locally and internationally.

While at RFH healthcare group, I have also participated in a transformation program from Stanford Seed Business School which enhanced my business and leadership skills, strategy, marketing, finance, design and innovative thinking that has played a major role in growing and scaling the organization to world class standards within functioning health systems.