Redleaf is a service company that focuses on increasing accessibility to affordable healthcare while changing how it is delivered. This, we do by linking you to the best healthcare services on YOUR terms.
At Redleaf, we believe hospitals need to be there when needed. We listen carefully to what companies really want. We can offer a range of standard plans that cover most eventualities. But, if our standard plans do not quite fit your requirements, we can create a tailored solution that is just right for your company.

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Baraka Pre Paid Maternity Card

Baraka prepaid card is a saving plan for any medical services one may seek at RFH Healthcare. Despite majoring as a saving plan for maternity services, it covers a range of services from ICU, Major and Minor surgeries, Laparascopic procedures, Private and executive inpatient stay, physiotherapy and many more services at all of our facilities.

You can top up from as little as one hundred shillings on your Baraka Card over a period of time and the funds remain reserved in your Baraka Card account to cater for any services rendered to you or your beneficiaries at RFH Healthcare. 

They could ask, why not get a medical insurance? 

Well, most medical covers have several exclusions; for instance, some do not cater for maternity services at all while those that do, do not cover fully (to include any complications post-delivery such as nursery fees, nutritional supplements etc)

Members are given a card from which the contributions are tracked. Payments can be done by either mobile money or USSD. Registered members get an online portal to track their statements.

As a proposition, members get discounts of upto 5% off their medical bills. This can be shared across all members of the same family as long as the principal member had declared them as a beneficiary.

Baraka Card comes with 5% discounts on all hospital bills and select free offers on some services, like one free Obstetrics Ultrasound, and one free Consultation with a specialist.  You also get to reserve your appointments at RFH Specialist Hospital for whatever case as may arise. 

This is a savings plan for all even those with insurance covers.

For the case of maternity, you get to plan for a whole 9 months. Comfortable safety net for maternity is between Ksh. 40,000 – Ksh. 130,000 is enough to cover most complications on both Normal delivery and Caesarean section. You can make little savings on the card for such eventualities as mentioned above.

To enroll, you will need to fill in your details at or a form at the Baraka Card Help desk and pay a registration fee of Ksh. 2000/-

To get your card balance or request your account statement dial *488*033# using your Safaricom Line


Management of health-care waste requires increased attention and diligence to avoid adverse health outcomes associated with poor practice, including exposure to infectious agents and toxic substances. For this reason, this unit goes along way in reduction of risks related to waste disposal.
RFH redefines the need for immediate waste disposal. This Center is located far away from the institution and has been proved to be environmental friendly

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